Business LOG has already been chosen by more than 10,000 companies.

Why do you need a Log Management Suite?

Discover the benefits your organization gets with a Log Management Suite.

Check status of hosts and services

A Log Management suite allows you to monitor your enterprise infrastructure and notice any unusual behavior that might prove to be indications of danger.

Analysis of system problems

By means of a remote copy of the Log files, it is possible to analyze problems encountered on an IT infrastructure (even if the system becomes unavailable).

Prevent loss of company logs

A Log Management Suite makes it possible to never lose any Log, even following hardware or software failures, and to trace back the critical issues that generated the event.

Why do you need Business LOG?

Discover the benefits your organization gets from Business LOG.

Business LOG is GDPR Compliance

A Log Management suite is mandatory to be compliant with the Authority's regulations. Business LOG complies with regulatory requirements, respecting the principles of Service by Design and Accountability introduced by the GDPR.

Business LOG collects logs from everything

Business LOG collects Logs from all machines on the network. In addition to Microsoft machines, the software can collect Logs from all compatible Syslog devices (Mac, Linux, Unix, Nas, network equipment, switches, etc.).

Business LOG Server is Agent-less

With Business LOG Server, there is no need to install any agent on the machines to be monitored. The software automatically collects Logs from the entire IT infrastructure, just configure a machine as a collector.

Business LOG is designed for everyone

Business LOG's very intuitive graphical user interface, inspired by the interface of Microsoft's Office package, allows even less experienced users to effectively use the software to be compliant with regulations.

The functions of Business LOG

Learn about all the main functions of Business LOG.

Custom Alarms

In Business LOG, it is possible to set one or more alarms that are triggered upon the occurrence of a predetermined event on files, folders, software, and custom events defined directly by the user.
When the desired alarm occurs, it is possible to preset a command via Power Shell and/or notify a specific email of the detected alarm.

Alarms available.

  • Alarms on files
  • Alarms on folders
  • Alarms on software
  • Alarms on USB flash drives
  • Alarms on custom events
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Maximum Compatibility

Business LOG is compatible with all major Operating Systems available on the market and with all Syslog devices.

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Digitally Signed Logs

In Business LOG each Log is digitally signed with consistency verification, so that recorded logs are immutable.

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Automatic Reports

In Business LOG, it is possible to set up automatic creation and receipt of daily reports (log reports, alarm reports, error reports, etc.) via e-mail.

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Configuration Wizard

A wizard is available in Business LOG to easily configure parameters and settings in the onboarding phase.

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Business LOG in action.

Discover how the Log Management Suite works through screenshots.

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Configuration Wizard

Getting started with Business LOG is quick and easy with the Initial Setup, which allows you to easily install the software and manage the main configurations of Business LOG.

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Business LOG is distinguished by a simple and intuitive graphical interface.
La Dashboard è la schermata iniziale dove vengono riportate le metriche chiave, selezionate direttamente dall'utente.

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Automatic inventory

Business LOG automatically carries out the inventory of Software and Hardware in the organization's infrastructure.

  • Software Inventory
  • Hardware Inventory
  • Machine List
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Custom Alarms

In Business LOG, custom alarms can be set for specific machines, specific users or specific times.
The software automatically sends email notifications the moment alarm events are triggered.
The software also sends the End-of-Day Report, containing the collected logs divided by type, current DB size and failed access attempts.

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Log Consultation

è possibile filtrare i log visualizzati per Origine, Data/Ora, Tipologia, Categoria, ecc. e creare filtri dinamici tramite funzione drag-and-drop.

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Logs collected by Business LOG over 12 years.

Versions of Business LOG

Discover the main available versions of Business LOG.

Recommended version.
Business LOG Server

Business LOG Server enables server-level log capture without installing agents or external services on monitored machines.

Ideal for Small Businesses.
Business LOG Cloud

Business Log Cloud allows logs to be viewed through Business Log Client or in the centralized portal.


The success of Business LOG in numbers.

Business LOG has been in the market for more than 10 years, and these are some numbers that explain its success.

  • 250+

    Worldwide Certified resellers of Business LOG.

  • 10K+

    Organizations that have already chosen Business LOG around the world.

  • 12

    Business LOG has been available in the market for more than 12 years.

  • 95%

    Satisfaction rate of organizations with Business LOG.

Cyber Security Services

The growing importance of IT services and systems in business processes makes it necessary to pay more attention to the systems themselves. Ensuring an adequate level of IT security is essential to protect the usability, integrity and confidentiality of data from increasing external threats.
Discover our services and how we can support your organization.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    The Vulnerability Assessment enables the identification of IT vulnerabilities present in the corporate IT perimeter and the determination of corrective measures.

  • Penetration Test

    Penetration Testing is the simulation of a hacker attack on a computer system, network or organization under controlled conditions, and is a now indispensable tool for assessing its vulnerability.

  • Phishing Simulation

    Phishing Simulation is the simulation of multiple Phishing attacks (malicious emails) to understand the shortcomings of your employees and provide the required remedial training through an awareness strategy.

  • Cyber Threat IntelligenceNew

    Entry-level service to monitor, detect and prevent threats to an organization, with the goal of establishing a preventive and intelligent defense strategy.

  • Anticipate problems
  • Safety culture
  • Stay compliant
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